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India’s Moon Landing Stings Putin’s Pride Following His Own Probe’s Setback

India's Moon Landing Success. (Photo: The Mirror)

Following the India’s moon landing, Russian’s failed lunar mission fuels the perception of decline and isolation. 

India’s Moon Landing Success. (Photo: Brahmand)

Global Applaused for India’s Moon Landing Success as Putin Recognizes Amid Russia’s Lunar Setback

In an article published by US NEWS, this week, India’s moon landing success marked a monumental global achievement, serving as a testament to the nation’s growing scientific and technological prowess cultivated over the years. As India joined the ranks of the U.S., China, and the Soviet Union as the fourth country to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon, its capabilities in space exploration gained significant recognition.

World leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, extended their accolades to India’s moon landing achievement. The Kremlin released an official statement from Putin, offering his sincere congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s space program. While the achievement reflected India’s progress and potential, it also stirred mixed emotions in Moscow. Russia had recently experienced its own lunar setback, casting a shadow of disappointment that was further exacerbated by India’s moon landing mission.

This triumph came at a time when Putin faced multiple challenges, including legal concerns, political opposition, and international scrutiny, all of which contribute to a broader narrative of Russia’s struggles on various fronts.

Ex-NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao sees Russia’s struggling space program as reflective of its overall decline, including military setbacks in Ukraine. This thwarts Putin’s bid for global power restoration. Challenges include sanctions, conflict-driven brain drain, and weakened international competitiveness.

Russia’s moon pact with China emphasizes its diminishing space role. Putin’s efforts to exert international influence face hurdles like corruption. Recent moon mission failure underscores Russia’s inability to match past space feats, underscoring its broader decline.

Expert says that Russia’s Cold War legacy needs revitalization through successful lunar missions. A long gap since its last lunar attempt, inexperience, low salaries, and pride have contributed to setbacks.

According to Henry Hertzfeld, a research professor of space policy and international affairs at George Washington University, it is  an uncomfortable situation for Russia, especially considering India’s moon landing recent success a few days later, however, considering their historical background, including the Soviet Union’s achievements of moon landings, he wouldn’t find it unexpected if they made another effort in the future.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Considered the India’s Moon Landing Mission Success a Global Achievements –  Paving The Future Lunar Explorations

According to an article by Politico, Indian Prime Minister Modi addressed a global audience following the successful confirmation of India’s moon landing, emphasizing its significance beyond national borders. The triumph places India as the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon, after the United States, Soviet Union, and China, notably achieving this feat on the challenging south pole where water is believed to be trapped in ice.

The presence of water in this region makes it an ideal site for potential lunar bases, with implications for life support and fuel production. Despite its relatively modest space program budget, India’s moon landing success marks the beginning of its broader orbital ambitions, including crewed missions, solar research, and participation in the Artemis Accords for moon exploration.

According to Benjamin Silverstein, a research analyst for the Space Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, while India’s moon landing achievement is hailed as groundbreaking, he noted the collegial nature of the space field, expressing sympathy for Russia’s recent lunar mission failure and recognizing the unique challenges of lunar exploration.

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