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East Coast Gears Up for Intense Weekend Tempest: Anticipating High Winds and Torrential Rain for Millions

Heavy rain and strong wind ( Photo: BBC)

This weekend, a large storm system is expected to deliver nighttime tornadoes, up to 7 inches of rain, and 50 mph wind gusts from Miami to Maine.


Bad Weather (Photo: ABC News)

Holiday Travel Alert: Gulf Storm Brings Weather Woes to East Coast

Weather and travel problems for the holidays are expected from a Gulf of Mexico storm system hitting the East Coast over the weekend. Flood and wind advisories are in force for sections of Florida as the system brings heavy rain and severe gusts. Heavy rain and coastal flooding will cover the Sunshine State through Monday.

Storms, including overnight tornadoes, are possible in central Florida. On Sunday and Monday, the storm will bring strong winds and rain from the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast via Interstate 95. Forecasters encourage households to be attentive and prepared for risks.

A storm is expected to bring rain to the East Coast, including Washington, D.C., and New York City, from midmorning Sunday until Monday afternoon. This cyclone is expected to provide 1–3 inches of rain from Florida to Maine. In isolated regions, coastal Florida and the Carolinas may get 5–7 inches.

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Eastern Seaboard Storm Brings Strong Winds and Coastal Flooding Threat

The Eastern Seaboard storm is forecast to deliver 30 to 50 mph gusts, with heavier gusts near the shore. Homeowners should protect Christmas decorations. The new moon’s high water levels will certainly cause coastal flooding, especially in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Northeast.

The fast-moving storm may delay and cancel ground and air travel throughout the weekend and early next week.

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