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CWD Concerns: Do Plants Uptake Prions in Soil and Pose a Risk when Consumed?

Plants Can Absorb Harmful Uptake Prions in Soil, Study Finds

Do Plants Uptake Prions in Soil and Pose a Risk when Consumed? (PHOTO: WisContext)

Urgent Need for Further Research on Prions in Soil Transmission via Plants

A new study from CIDRAP found that plants can soak up harmful proteins called prions in soil. This discovery raises concerns about how diseases like chronic wasting disease (CWD) might spread among animals that eat these plants. Even though we haven’t seen direct proof of animals getting sick from eating these contaminated plants scientists are worried it could happen. Experts say we need to study more to understand how prions might move through plants and affect animals. The spread of CWD is a big problem and we need to figure out all the ways it can move around. This study shows that plants might play a bigger role than we thought.

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Investigating Prion Movement in Animal Bodies

Scientists want to do more research on how prions move through the bodies of animals that eat plants. How long prions stay in plants and if they end up in things like pollen and fruit. By working together scientists hope to learn more about how prions spread and how we can stop them from causing harm to animals and humans.

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