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Sen. Sherrod Brown To Cosponsor Bipartisan Legislation To Extend Title 42

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On Wednesday, US Senator Sherrod Brown, announced that he will cosponsor the bipartisan legislation that will extend Title 42 for another two years, keeping millions of immigrants from entering the US.

US Senator Sherrod Brown (Photo: Google)

Title 42 To Expire On Thursday

In January, President Joe Biden said that the administration will allow Title 42  or the coronavirus emergency health policy, to expire. Reported by American Military News, Title 42 came from the 1944 law section that allows control of migration into the US to protect public health.

It is expected that once the policy will be lifted, there will be a surge of migrants at the borders. When President Biden was asked if the US is ready to handle the surge, he told reported “it remains to be seen”.

It’s been reported too, that the White House has implemented plans to humanely manage the border when Title 42 expires. Pentagon is also sending 1,500 troops to help Border Patrol agents. Department of Homeland Security is expanding detention capacity and will deploy hundreds more asylum officers to humanely process migrants.

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Brown Thinks US Should Extend Title 42 For 2 More Years

On Wednesday, Senator Sherrod Brown said that US needs more resources at the border that are military people, police, inspectors, and mental health professionals. He believes that none of the previous president’s border policies have really stepped up.

With this, Sen. Brown announced that he will cosponsor a bipartisan legislation to extend the Title 42 policy for two more years.

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