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Israel To Claim Total Victory In Rafah, Cease-Fire Deal Would Only Delay It

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As mediator between Israel and Hamas, officials from Egypt and Qatar have been drafting a six-week long cease-fire deal to release hostages from both camps, and to allow needed aid into Gaza. Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, that they are nearing approval of plans of offensive in Rafah and claimed total victory in the territory once the offensive begins again after the temporary cease-fire.

Photo: Google

Israel’s Rafah Operation Is Start Of Fighting Completion

Reported by PBS, Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that he’ll be convening the Cabinet this week to approve operational plans in Rafah. According to him, once it begins, the intense phase of fighting is weeks away from completion and not months. With or without the proposed six-week ceasefire deal, Israel will still do the Rafah operation. Netanyahu also said that four of the six remaining Hamas Battalions are concentrated in Rafah.

However, US National security adviser Jake Sullivan said that President Joe Biden hadn’t been briefed on the Rafah plan so he believes that it should not go forward until or unless there is a plant to protect the civilians. Netanyahu said that in the Cabinet talks this week, they will also include evacuation plans of civilian to elsewhere in Gaza.

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Residents Of Gaza City Are Starving

In the report from PBS, heavy fighting is continuing in the northern part of Gaza with the staggering destructions. One resident named Ayman Abu Awad said that they are trapped and unable to move due to heavy bombardment. Residents of Gaza are forced to eat animal fodder and to search food in demolished buildings. Market vendor, Um Ayad showed a leafy weed that was picked from the harsh dry soil to eat.

Ayad said that children are screaming for food, but they cannot find food. UN Commissioner General, Philippe Lazzarini, said they haven’t been able to deliver food to North Gaza since January 23. However, Israel said on Sunday that 245 trucks of aid entered Gaza which is less than half of what entered daily before the war.

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