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Vaccine Hesitancy Fuels Measles and COVID Surge: A Growing Concern!

Measles Resurgence Raises Concerns

Vaccine Hesitancy Fuels Measles and COVID Surge: A Growing Concern! (PHOTO: SpringerLink)

Exploring Causes of Disease Resurgence

According to PBS, vaccines usually help stop diseases like measles and COVID-19 from spreading. But in 2024, there are worrying signs that fuels measles and COVID surge are coming back. Laura Santhanam, a health reporter for PBS NewsHour, talks about why this is happening. Measles and COVID surge which was gone from the U.S. in 2000 is showing up again making people wonder if the vaccines are still working like they should and if some people not wanting vaccines is making things worse.

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Combatting Vaccine Misinformation and Disease Resurgence

Santhanam looks into why measles and COVID surge are making a comeback. She talks about how some people don’t trust vaccines because of false information they see online. Even though experts say vaccines are safe and work well, some people still doubt them because of things they read on social media. She also talks about how new versions of COVID-19 are making it harder to control the spread of the virus. With measles and COVID-19 cases going up, Santhanam says we need to do more to get people vaccinated and stop false information about vaccines. If we don’t act quickly to build trust in vaccines and make sure everyone gets vaccinated, measles and COVID-19 that we thought were gone could come back and make people sick. So, it’s important for communities to work together to fight these diseases and keep everyone healthy.

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