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US and China’s Competition In Biotechnology

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Biotechnology has a lot of potential to revolutionize and make advancements in the fields of medicines, agriculture, and military operations. Both the US and China are invested in it. The US has already introduced bills to ward off Chinese-owned companies.

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US Bills Walled Off Four Chinese-Owned Biotech Companies

Lawmakers in the US are alarmed with the thought that the US is failing in its competition with China in biotechnology. In a report published by Montana Standard, US is risking its national security and commercial interests. There are bills presented in the House and senate to ward off “foreign adversary biotech companies of concern” and its name four Chinese-owned companies.

It’s been reported that the Chinese Embassy sees the author of the bills to be ideologically bias and only wants to subdue Chinese companies under false pretexts. They deemed that these companies be given an open, just, and non-discriminatory treatment.

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Comments on biotech competition from the experts in the field

With the US suppressing Chinese companies, critics of the bills warn that it would hinder advances that could bring a greater good. According to Abigail Coplin of Vassar College, US lawmakers may be too obsessed with biotechnology applications to the military technology at the cost of slowing efforts to cure diseases and feed the world’s population. Rachel King of Biotechnology Innovation Organization said that the bill would damage the supply chain on drug development for currently approved treatments and decade long development plans.

On the other hand, The National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology said that the bill is securing the data of the federal government and of American citizens. It would result in economic benefits and speedy advancements in military capabilities and tactics.

Many more experts in the field have expressed their opinion and concerns, more details in the Montana Standards report.

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