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Pentagon’s CJADC2 Milestone, A Significant Stride In Military Modernization

Photo: Google

This week, the Pentagon reported that they are making significant steps in digitally linking the Army, Air Force and Navy units. A modern command and control that is highly digital so decision makers can act quickly and strategically.

Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Craig Martell

Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Craig Martell (Photo: Google)

Significance Of The CJADC2 Milestone

Pentagon officials said that CJADC2 is now being used but did not specifically say where.  Air Force Col. Matthew Strohmeyer said that the milestone shows that Pentagon “is making paradigm-shifting changes at a scale and at a speed that is rivaling any potential competitor”.

CJADC2 goal is to enhance information-sharing between the Army, Air Force and Navy units in response to foreign aggression. It also requires cooperation from ally nations such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea to counter the increasing global ambitions of China, reported by Defense News.

Bringing the information together, Strohmeyer said that they are starting to see and read clearly gaining meaning insights without the need to create new programs and to invest in new things.

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China’s Countermeasure MDPW

Early this year, C4ISRNET reported that China saw the need to counter Pentagon’s CJADC2 and is now pursuing Multi-Domain Precision Warfare (MDPW). According to China Military Power Report, construction of MDPW depends on interlinking command and control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to quickly coordinate firepower and expose foreign weaknesses. It is Beijing’s long pursued information-fluent force that is capable of network domination and to bombard targets from a location using its weapons.

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