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Dangerous Cities In Arkansas 2024 – Safety Rules and Tips To Know

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Southwest Journal has published a blog which analyzed the most dangerous cities in Arkansas this 2024 using violent and property crime rates per 100,000 residents.

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Top 10 Dangerous Cities In Arkansas

According to Southwest Journal, Arkansas is not typically considered safe. It has the highest crime rates in the country when it comes to violent crime. Considering violent and property crimes per 100,000 residents, the top 10 dangerous cities in Arkansas are Osceola, Helena-West Helena, West Memphis, Little Rock, El Dorado, Hot Springs, Fordyce, Fort Smith, Newport, and Jacksonville.

Most of Arkansas small and apparently peaceful cities have higher crime rates. However, many of its residents are not threatened which could mean that the recorded crimes have happened to certain areas only.

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When In Dangerous Cities in Arkansas, Keep This Safety Rules, and Tips

A State of Safety survey has reported that 51% of its respondents which live in Arkansas felt safe in their state. However, almost three-quarters of Arkansas believe in the possibility of increase crime rates. So, when visiting the most dangerous cities in Arkansas, keep the below safety rules and tips from Southwest journal.

  • Avoid strangers – do not engage in unknown individuals especially when in Little Rock or Hot Springs’ tourist spots.
  • Keep your car doors locked – particularly at gas stations.
  • Don’t let people know that you carry cash – best to leave your cash and do not believe any stories of strangers in desperate situations.
  • Avoid taking items from strangers – fentanyl, a dangerous drug, is widespread in Arkansas which caused numerous deaths.
  • Do not boast your Casino Winnings – handle cash discreetly preferably inside he casino and where security is in sight.

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