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Weekend Weather Alert: Powerful Storm Sweeps Across New England to Florida, Bringing Heavy Rain and Strong Winds!

Heavy Storm (Photo: VOX)

This weekend, a significant storm with heavy rain and powerful winds could flood over 60 million East Coast residents.


Tropical Storm (Photo: WJTV)

East Coast Battling Gulf Storm Havoc: Flooding, Severe Gusts, and Warnings Across the Region

The East Coast was hit by a Gulf of Mexico storm with heavy rain and severe gusts. Miami was drenched, and a hurricane hit St. Petersburg. Charleston Harbor had its fourth-highest tide ever, causing severe flooding. Due to flooding and strong winds, New York City officials warned citizens to secure unsecured goods and take measures in low-lying areas. New York and northeastern New Jersey were expected to receive two to four inches of rain, with coastal regions expecting 55–60 mph winds and power disruptions. Two to three feet of coastal flooding were expected. Mayor Eric Adams advised locals to prepare for the storm.

The National Weather Service issued advisories for eastern North Carolina and the South Carolina coast, warning of severe thunderstorms with lightning, wind gusts, tornadoes, and minor hail. Parts of northern New England were warned of heavy rain and flash flooding as the storm system progressed into eastern Canada. East Coast flood watches included large metropolitan areas, and Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island had storm watches.

The storm, created from numerous disturbances in the Gulf of Mexico, was expected to hit the Carolinas, the New York tri-state, and New England. According to meteorologist Stephanie Abrams, the system would converge with a minor West Coast disturbance, causing severe gusts, rip currents, and huge waves.

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From Florida to the Northeast, High Winds and Warnings Across the East Coast

Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams said the storm’s highest winds will hit Florida and the Southeast on Saturday and Sunday, hitting the Northeast by Monday with gusts over 50 mph. Governor Ron DeSantis activated the Florida State Guard to manage flooding, severe winds, and rare tornadoes. Heavy rain, strong gusts, and possible floods are forecast in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic by Sunday night.

Rain and heavy gusts will accompany the storm in the Northeast on Monday. Snow may fall in the Great Lakes and at higher elevations. In anticipation of the storm, NYC Mayor Eric Adams activated the flash flood emergency plan and issued a travel alert. Three to five inches of rain are expected, with 1.75 to 4 inches as the storm progresses north.

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