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$62.4M Wisconsin Secured as Federal Grant for Solar Panels in Low-Income Homes: A Giant Leap Towards Clean Energy Goal

Federal Grant Paves the Way for Solar Panels in Low-Income Homes

Wisconsin’s Commitment to Clean Energy Receives Financial Boost

According to Milwaukee journal sentinel Wisconsin recently got a big helping hand towards using more clean energy with a $62.4 million federal grant. The money is set aside to install solar panels in the homes of people who don’t make a lot of money across the state. Governor Tony Evers shared the news saying it could make renewable energy more available help create jobs and lower energy bills for folks. This effort lines up with Wisconsin‘s goal to use only clean energy by 2050 which means a big step towards using less dirty energy.

Getting this grant wasn’t easy because Wisconsin had to compete with other places for it. But the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation made a strong case for why the state should get it. They talked about how having solar panels could stop around 2 million tons of harmful pollution from going into the air every year. To make sure the grant money helps as many people as possible, Wisconsin plans to use other money too and work with businesses to keep the program going even after the first five years.

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$62.4M Wisconsin Secured as Federal Grant for Solar Panels in Low-Income Homes: A Giant Leap Towards Clean Energy Goal(PHOTO: RMI)

Wisconsin Takes Strides Toward Solar Energy Equity and Sustainability

Right now Wisconsin isn’t at the top when it comes to using solar power compared to other states. But with this grant things are looking up. More solar panels mean less pollution and more clean energy for everyone. Plus the focus is on making it affordable and easy for people to get. This Solar for All plan shows Wisconsin is serious about making sure everyone has access to clean energy and building a better future for everyone.

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