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Discover South Carolina’s Most Dangerous Cities: High Crime Rates, Daily Shootings, and Robberies!

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Crime Spikes, Daily Shootings, and Robberies – Unveiling South Carolina’s Most Dangerous Cities

Explore the Most Dangerous Places in South Carolina

In South Carolina, certain areas pose safety concerns. A study conducted by RoadSnacks examined crime data from 53 cities with populations exceeding 5,000 residents. The findings revealed the most perilous locations. According to the news report of Southwest Journal, the prevalence of drug use among some Americans is cited as a contributing factor to the high crime rates. Others attribute it to a lack of sufficient employment opportunities. Regardless of the reasons crime rates surpass those of many other areas in the country. In these regions incidents such as daytime robberies, car thefts, and daily shootings occur frequently.

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South Carolina’s Most Dangerous Cities


Hartsville stays at number 8 in the safety rankings with crime rates staying about the same. There were no murders in 2020 but violent crime is still a worry and property crime like burglaries happens often.


Georgetown is an old city in South Carolina and has a pretty harbor but also has lots of theft. In 2020 there were 407 thefts making it a not-so-great place to live. Besides crime there are other problems making life hard there.


Despite Greenwood hosting enjoyable festivals crime remains a pressing issue. Ranking sixth for violent crime particularly in incidents like rape safety is a significant concern. Violence occurs almost daily emphasizing the urgent need for improved safety measures.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, a favored vacation destination contends with crime extending beyond its sandy shores. Despite a decrease in violent crime property crime remains dangerous. In 2022 the occurrence of theft or damage was notably high prompting concern among residents and visitors alike. Additionally a disturbing crime from 2016 continues to unsettle individuals in the area.


Spartanburg is located in the northwest of South Carolina and struggles to keep Americans safe. There’s at least one burglary every day and that makes it one of the most dangerous places to live.


Florence, in the Pee Dee region deals with rising crime. Burglaries happen often and there’s a recent case involving a lawyer accused of a bad crime.


Darlington is known for tobacco and NASCAR but it also has a lot of crime. Property crime like car thefts is going up making it a risky place to live.


In Orangeburg, despite its schools it has lots of violent crime. It’s got the worst rate in the state and its history includes a tragic event from the Civil Rights movement.

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