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What to Know About Pennsylvania? Discover the Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in Pennsylvania

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Despite its rich history, Pennsylvania harbors some risky spots. We’re not talking about minor inconveniences; these are places where crime makes headlines. From burglary hotspots to high violent crime rates, let’s delve into the 10 most perilous cities in the Keystone State for 2023.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania (Photo: Southwest Journal)

Discover The Top 10 Riskiest Places

  1. Chester:
    Starting our journey in Chester, the oldest city in Pennsylvania, with a disturbingly high burglary rate and ranking third in violence.
  2. McKeesport:
    Southeast of Pittsburgh, McKeesport takes second place, boasting crime rates 150% above the national average and the state average.
  3. Pottstown:
    The borough of Pottstown holds the third spot, grappling with the second-highest rate of rape cases in the state and a concerning level of property crime.
  4. Wilkinsburg:
    With the highest murder rate in the state, Wilkinsburg secures the fourth position, making it challenging for its 15,389 residents.
  5. New Kensington:
    Perched on the Allegheny River, New Kensington comes fifth, dealing with a notable chance of falling victim to property crime and a considerable number of violent incidents.
  6. Harrisburg:
    The state capital, Harrisburg, ranks sixth, facing a high rate of violent crime, including the fifth-highest murder rate and the sixth-highest burglary rate.
  7. Wilkes-Barre:
    Just southwest of Scranton, Wilkes-Barre claims the seventh spot, with a notable number of larceny cases and the tenth-highest rate of rape cases in the state.
  8. Swatara Township:
    Though the least violent on the list, Swatara Township holds the eighth position due to a substantial property crime rate, particularly larceny cases.
  9. Darby Township:
    Located southwest of Philadelphia, Darby Township takes the ninth spot, being the seventh most violent place in the state.
  10. Allentown:
    Finishing our list, Allentown secures the tenth position, with a relatively lower violent crime rate but significant property crime risks.

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Pennsylvania’s landscape includes more than picturesque scenes; it harbors pockets of heightened risk. While these cities grapple with crime challenges, it’s essential to remember that within each lies potential for improvement. Awareness and community efforts can pave the way for safer environments, making informed decisions crucial for residents and prospective dwellers alike.

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