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68-Year-Old Man Accused of Kidnapping and Assaulting Young Girl at Beach in Webster, Massachussets

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68-Year-Old Man Accused of Kidnapping Young Girl from Memorial Beach

Alleged Kidnapping and Assault – 68-Year-Old Man Under Investigation

A 68-year-old man is accused of taking a young girl from Memorial Beach, according to the crime report of True Crime Daily. The girl went to the police with her grandma on April 15th. She said the man Walter Fanion who got her into his car and took her somewhere else. The police chief named Michael Shaw said the man and the girl talked about the man’s dog. Then things got worse, and the girl ended up in a bad situation. She told her grandma about it when the man dropped her off near her house.

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Community Urged to Assist in Investigation of Alleged Kidnapping and Assault in Webster, MA

They found out the man would come back to Memorial Beach the next day. So, they went there and arrested him. Now, the man, Walter Fanion, is in trouble. He faces many charges, like kidnapping and hurting a child. He has to pay a lot of money to get out of jail. The police chief asked the community for help. If anyone else had bad experiences with Fanion or knows someone who did, they should tell the police. The Webster community is upset by what happened. They want to make sure everyone is safe. The police are working hard to make that happen.

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