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Shania Twain, a Queen of Country Music, Calls for More Diversity in the Industry

Shania Twain, a Queen of Country Music, Calls for More Diversity in the Industry

Country music icon Shaina Twain recently called for the industry to grow, not for its quality but for the people behind it.

Shania Twain has been awarded the Equal Play Award at the 2023 CMT Music Awards. (Photo: People)

What Shania Twain Seeks to be Improved in the Industry

In the middle of her acceptance speech after receiving the Equal Play Award during the CMT Music Awards 2023, Shania Twain called for more diversity and equity in the country music industry, an industry where she is already considered a “queen.” She even demonstrated how she wanted it to happen.

The BoyKinZ, an all-Black female quartet, presented an award with Twain. The quartet was known in TikTok for singing country music, something that would obviously grab Twain’s attention. Recently, Twain and The BoyKinZ met on The Kelly Clarkson Show. This just shows Twain’s serious dedication to “more diversity.”

Twain flaunted the group during the Red Carpet on the CMT Awards red carpet. Saying she invited them over for a little acapella piece in support of the group, which shows her campaign for more diversity in the industry. Later this month, Twain is set for her global arena tour. She will be accompanied by several performers, one of which is Mickey Guyton, another well-known Black singer in the industry. Having Guyton around will only reinforce Twain’s call for more diversity.

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“More Diversity” is Not Only Limited to Color

“More diversity” does not only call for more people of color to various industries, in this case, within the entertainment industry. “More diversity” could also mean more nationalities, more LGBTQIA+ representation, and many more talented people from all walks of life. In today’s age, “more diversity” is a call for more people, who were excluded from the entertainment scene years ago, to be included.

LGBTQIA+ singers like Lil Nas X and Orville Peck are starting to get more attention and praise from their communities. Asian actors like Steven Yeun and Ali Wong now star in the Netflix comedy-drama television series “Beef.”

What Shania Twain did for coming forward and asking for more diversity, will surely be a beacon of encouragement for many talented people to come out and pursue their goals and dreams without having to worry about discrimination and exclusion.

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