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Former Obama Adviser Dismisses Republicans’ Concerns Over TikTok As Alleged Chinese Spy App

Former Obama Adviser on TikTok [Photo: Search Engine Land]
Former Obama Adviser on TikTok [Photo: Search Engine Land]

Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer dismissed the Republicans’ concerns that claimed TikTok is a Chinese spy app. Pfeiffer took his comments to Twitter as fears surrounding the social media app are growing.

Former Obama Adviser on TikTok [Photo: NBC News]

Former Obama Adviser on TikTok [Photo: NBC News]

Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser of ex-U.S. President Barack Obama, has dismissed the Republicans’ concerns. These concerns involved the popular social media app TikTok amid the fears of Chinese espionage.

According to Schoffstall, the former Obama adviser currently co-hosts Pod Save America, a podcast hosted by four former aides of the ex-president. Last weekend, Pfeiffer his comments took to Twitter as fears surrounding TikTok are continuously growing. In 2022, a report also revealed that a Chinese team at TikTok has accessed the data of American users of the app.

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Former Obama Adviser on Republicans’ Allegations

According to Pfeiffer, if current U.S. President Joe Biden bans TikTok, he would risk turning off the young voters who put him on the top of the 2020 Presidential Elections. However, if Biden does not ban TikTok, others may paint him as lenient on China.

The former Obama adviser’s comments reiterate other Democrats who also defend the popular social media app. On March 25, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went against the banning of TikTok. Last week, a trio of Democratic legislators also held a press conference on Capitol Hill and defended the app.

During the press conference, New York Representative Jamaal Bowman accused politicians of being hypocrites after singling out TikTok. This is because, in 2016, the app’s American counterparts allowed Russia to interfere with the elections with misinformation.

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