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California’s Shoplifting Crackdown: New Law Aims to Catch Online Thieves, But Will It Backfire?

Customers check out at a Grocery Outlet store in Pleasanton, Calif. on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022. "Best before” labels are coming under scrutiny as concerns about food waste grow around the world. Manufacturers have used the labels for decades to estimate peak freshness. But “best before” labels have nothing to do with safety, and some worry they encourage consumers to throw away food that’s perfectly fine to eat. (AP Photo/Terry Chea)

New California Law Targets Online Shoplifting: What You Need to Know

California’s Get-Tough Approach on Shoplifting: Is It Too Burdensome for Online Sellers?

According to the

independent, California lawmakers are trying to pass a new law to help stop shoplifting. The law would require online marketplaces like eBay and Nextdoor to get more information from sellers who make a lot of money from selling things online. This information would help police catch people who steal things and sell them online.

Some people don’t think this law is a good idea. They think it would be too hard for online marketplaces to get this information from all of their sellers. They also think it would make it harder for small businesses to sell things online.

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California’s Shoplifting Crackdown: New Law Aims to Catch Online Thieves, But Will It Backfire? (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

California’s Rush to Pass Shoplifting Law: Will It Become a Reality Before the Governor Signs Off?

The lawmakers are trying to pass this law quickly, so they can get it signed by the governor soon. The governor could make it a law right away. This law is part of a bigger package of laws that are meant to help stop shoplifting and make sure people are safe in California.

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