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IRS Cautions Amid $8700 Stimulus Check: Verify Information to Avoid Scams

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IRS warns about misinformation on $8700 stimulus urges caution and emphasizes verification to avoid scams.

IRS Warns Against Misinformation on Social Media Amid Talk of $8700 Stimulus Check

The IRS warns Americans about the dangers of misinformation on social media as they file taxes. They caution against misleading tax advice and emphasize the importance of being vigilant online.

Talk of an IRS $8700 stimulus check is circulating, but clarity is needed. Stimulus checks, introduced with the CARES Act aim to boost the economy. However, the proposed $8700 check is tied to an expanded Child Tax Credit allegedly supported by President Biden. But the IRS hasn’t confirmed this, according to the report of Afro Tech.

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Qualification Criteria for Alleged $8700 Stimulus

To qualify for the alleged $8700 stimulus households must meet income criteria. Single filers earning under $75K annually, or $150K for married couples, may be eligible. Children must meet specific criteria including citizenship status and dependency.

Despite rumors, the IRS hasn’t confirmed the $8700 stimulus. While some sources provide information caution is advised. Vigilance is key, and any unexpected deposits should be verified to avoid scams.

Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that the IRS hasn’t confirmed the $8700 stimulus. Even though other sources are sharing details, it’s vital to be cautious. Double-checking any unexpected money transfers is crucial to avoid falling for scams or false information.

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