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Montana’s Most Dangerous Cities: The Top 6 Most Violent and Crime-Ridden Places in the State

Discover Montana’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2024

Montana’s Most Dangerous Places to Live According to Latest Crime Data

Montana is known as Big Sky Country and isn’t just famous for its stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures; it also has its share of dangerous cities. According to Southwest Journal‘s 2024 list of the most dangerous places in Montana based on the latest FBI crime data several cities with populations over 2,000 have high rates of violent and property crimes. While Billings and Missoula which are the state’s largest cities do have their problems crime is fairly spread out across Montana. Despite Montana not being one of the most dangerous states overall it’s clear that Montana’s cities need more police, better surveillance, and improved drug rehab programs to ensure safety. So, before making any big decisions about moving, it’s worth checking out this list to stay informed.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Montana


The highest percentage of property crimes in Montana including auto theft, robberies, and burglaries, has made Billings the state’s largest city and the state’s most dangerous city. Billings which has a population of 110,157 has alarming crime figures with 14 homicides in the last year alone.

Ronan City

Ronan City is a small community of 2,141 residents located within the Flathead Indian Reservation has emerged as the second-most dangerous city in Montana on a per-capita basis. Despite its size, Ronan reported 66 property crimes and 20 violent crimes in one year highlighting significant safety challenges within the community.


Helena, Montana’s capital city known for its political importance, unfortunately also bears the troubling distinction of being the state’s capital for reported rapes. With a population of 33,629, Helena reported 50 rapes in the past year along with 216 violent crimes and 1,227 property crimes underscoring ongoing safety concerns despite its administrative prominence.


Polson is a small town in the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwest Montana but has significant safety concerns in spite of its laid-back atmosphere. Ranking as Montana’s fourth most dangerous place, Polson has a high per-capita crime rate due to its 164 property offenses and 36 violent crimes reported in a single year.


Havre is a town of 9,820 residents nestled in north-central Montana along the Milk River and has seen rising rates of property and violent crimes. With 57 assaults reported in the past year, Havre continues to grapple with substantial safety challenges despite its historical roots as an American railroad town.

Cut Bank

Cut Bank is a small settlement with 3,075 inhabitants located around 30 miles from the Canadian border and stands out as the most dangerous place in Montana. Despite its size Cut Bank reported 23 violent incidents leading to a high violent crime rate of 747 incidents per 100,000 Americans the highest in the state. Additionally, the town recorded 78 property crimes during the year reflecting a significant per-capita crime rate that underscores its challenging safety environment.

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