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North Dakota’s Most Dangerous Cities: Crime Rates and Safety Tips

(photo: Travel Safe - Abroad)

Exploring North Dakota’s Danger Zones

North Dakota is known for its beauty and community spirit has areas with unexpectedly high crime rates. We identified the most dangerous cities in 2024 based on violent crimes and property offenses per capita, according to the report of Southwest Journal.

Methodology Explained

We studied 21 cities with populations over 2,000. Fargo emerged as the riskiest, with high rates of violent and property crimes far above national averages.

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(photo: Travel Safe – Abroad)

Top Ten Riskiest Cities

Fargo: Tops the list with alarming rates of violent and property crimes.

Devils Lake: Notable for its high violent crime rate, particularly rape cases.

Mandan: Faces significant crime challenges, including both violent and property crimes.

Wahpeton: Known for a high property crime rate despite its rural charm.

Williston: Continues to deal with significant violent crime issues like assault and homicide.

Bismarck: Reveals notable crime rates, including burglary and violent offenses.

Grand Forks: Shows an increase in burglary and violent crimes, particularly concerning for residents.

Jamestown**: Despite its historical charm, deals with crime issues, including rape cases.

Valley City: Despite its size, has seen a rise in violent crime, urging community vigilance.

Minot: Faces challenges with crime, including violent offenses.

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Implications and Safety Tips

While North Dakota has natural beauty, understanding and addressing these risk areas is crucial. Travelers and residents should share plans, respect wildlife, and remain alert. By being informed and cautious, people can enjoy North Dakota safely.

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