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South Dakota’s Most Dangerous Cities

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Discover the Shocking Truth About Crime in South Dakota

According to SouthWestJournal, South Dakota is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and friendly locals, but beneath its tranquil surface lies a web of crime. According to RoadSnacks, a website that meticulously examines crime rates, Rapid City stands out as the most crime-prone city in the state. With a staggering 673 violent crimes and 3,137 property crimes in just one year, Rapid City tops the list of South Dakota’s most dangerous cities.

These Cities May Not Be What They Seem

Other cities in South Dakota that are considered dangerous are Chamberlain, Pierre, Yankton, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Box Elder, Aberdeen, Spearfish, and Huron. These cities are not as famous as some other places in South Dakota, but they have their own special things to see and do. They also have crime problems.

Spearfish: A Small Town with a Big Crime Problem

Spearfish is one city that surprised me. It’s a small town with only 11,902 people. But it has a lot of crime, including robberies and arsons. The good news is that Spearfish has many nice outdoor places to visit and fun things to do.

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South Dakota’s Most Dangerous Cities (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Take Extra Precautions When Visiting These Cities

While South Dakota isn’t one of the most dangerous states in the country, some of its cities have a lot of crime. If you plan to visit these cities, be careful and aware of your surroundings.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities in South Dakota

1. Rapid City
2. Chamberlain
3. Pierre
4. Yankton
5. Sioux Falls
6. Mitchell
7. Box Elder
8. Aberdeen
9. Spearfish
10. Huron

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