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Massachusetts’ Most Dangerous Cities for 2024 – Springfield Takes the Top Spot in Assaults and Murders

Massachusetts’ Most Dangerous Cities 2024

Springfield Leads in Violent Crime Despite Small Population

In a recent report by RoadSnacks, Massachusetts‘ most dangerous cities for 2024 have been highlighted based on FBI crime data. Despite Massachusetts not making the national top ten for danger, cities like Springfield stand out as among the most hazardous nationwide. Moreover, according to Southwest Journal, the analysis focused on violent and property crimes across 240 cities with populations over 5,000, revealing concerning trends in arson incidents while noting that murder and aggravated assault rates are relatively lower. With Springfield leading in assaults and murders despite its modest population of 13,000, concerns about public safety loom large. The findings suggest a need for increased law enforcement efforts in these areas to address community safety concerns effectively.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Massachusetts


Recent research indicates that Holyoke has been the most dangerous city in Massachusetts for three years running. Holyoke which is located close to Springfield between the Connecticut River and Mount Tom Range has a high crime rate despite its peaceful appearance. The likelihood of residents becoming victims of property crimes is considerable with the city’s overall crime rate being three times greater than the state average. Holyoke had the second-highest murder rate in Massachusetts, high rates of rape, and almost one violent crime every day in 2020.


Springfield is a place renowned for being the birthplace of Smith & Wesson and Dr. Seuss has emerged with troubling crime statistics. It holds the highest violent crime rate in Massachusetts marked by 18 reported murders in 2020 alone ranking sixth in the state for murder rates. Residents of Springfield faced a 1 in 103 chance of experiencing a violent crime that year highlighting ongoing safety concerns in the city.

North Adams

North Adams a city celebrated for its cultural offerings amidst Berkshire County’s scenic beauty is grappling with rising crime rates. Despite its relative tranquility in violent crime North Adams recorded the second-highest burglary rate in Massachusetts in 2020 along with a notable prevalence of rape cases. These figures underscore safety challenges despite the city’s tourism appeal and recreational opportunities.


Worcester centrally located in Massachusetts and recognized as the state’s second-largest city has been identified as the fourth most dangerous city due to its crime rates. In 2020 Worcester reported a significant number of violent crimes including approximately one murder per month. This city known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth,” continues to face issues with public safety amidst its bustling urban environment.


Hadley despite its small-town charm and a population of just over 5,000 ranks as the fifth most dangerous place in Massachusetts. The town reported concerning crime statistics in 2020 notably a high rate of rape cases compared to its population size. These figures challenge the perception that smaller communities are inherently safer highlighting ongoing safety concerns in Hadley.


Seen as the sixth most dangerous city in Massachusetts, Brockton is a city south of Boston. In 2020, Brockton which has a population of more than 99,000 had one of the highest rates of violent crime and significant rates of property crime in the state. Brockton continues to have serious crime issues that affect both locals and visitors despite its historical significance and sense of community.

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