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The Most Dangerous Cities in Mississippi: Expert Analysis and Statistics on Crime Rates

Mississippi Crime Study 2024

Mississippi Cities Addressing Crime with Job Growth and Rehabilitation

In a recent study by RoadMunchies, Mississippi‘s most dangerous cities for 2024 have been unveiled based on crime data. Those with populations over 5,000 were scrutinized for violent and property crimes out of 32 cities analyzed. According to Southwest Journal, despite Mississippi hovering slightly above the national average for property crime and matching it for violent crime none of its cities made the top ten most dangerous in the entire country this year. Experts suggest that targeted improvements like job opportunities, higher wages and better rehabilitation programs could help mitigate these challenges in Mississippi’s most dangerous areas.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Mississippi


In Cleveland, Mississippi a small city with just over 10,000 residents recent crime statistics reveal a troubling trend. It has been identified as the most dangerous place in the state and is marked by 678 property crimes and 97 violent crimes. The city that is known for its Grammy Museum was recently shaken by a violent armed robbery at a local convenience store. During the incident captured on CCTV armed assailants used semi-automatic weapons leaving the store clerk severely injured. This event triggered a city-wide manhunt and raised serious concerns about safety.


Natchez is a place situated along the Mississippi River and is grappling with a surge in criminal activity despite its rich historical background. The city has experienced high rates of robberies, assaults, and homicides. The community was shocked by the murder of a local businessman in his own home believed to be the result of a robbery gone awry. This tragic event has sparked calls for increased police presence and community vigilance amidst rising fears over public safety.


The state’s northernmost city which is Corinth is well known for its historical significance and for having extremely high crime rates. The state’s highest rate of burglaries has been reported in the city overshadowing landmarks like the Crossroads Museum and its Civil War history. The death of a woman in her home during a break-in was a recent unsettling event that shocked the neighborhood and brought attention to the city’s growing crime problem.


Vicksburg is a city steeped in Civil War history and once pivotal for trade on the Mississippi River but now faces significant crime challenges. Car thefts and assaults have become prevalent detracting from its historical monuments. A particularly tragic incident was the random kidnapping and murder of a young woman prompting widespread fear and calls for increased police patrols and community safety initiatives.


Hattiesburg is historically tied to the lumber and railroad industries is home to the University of Southern Mississippi and has witnessed a notable rise in crime. Recent data show the city moving up in crime rankings particularly in property crimes like burglaries, larcenies, and car thefts. A brazen daylight robbery at a local bank by armed men which was captured on surveillance cameras has shocked residents and raised serious concerns about public safety in the city.


Pascagoula is a place known as the “Singing River” city and is grappling with a high incidence of property crimes despite its serene nickname. Ranked second highest in the state for property crime residents face a notable risk of larceny, car theft, and arson. A recent series of arson attacks on local businesses traced back to a disgruntled former employee caused significant damage and underscored the ongoing challenges the city faces with crime.

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