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Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin 2024: FBI Data Reveals Shocking Crime Rates – Is Your City on the List?

Crime Statistics Revealed in Wisconsin’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2024

Wisconsin’s Most Dangerous Cities 2024: Key Crime Data You Need to Know

Once upon a time, the biggest worry in Wisconsin was a Packers fan upset over a game, but now the state faces more serious dangers. According to Southwest Journal, the most dangerous cities in Wisconsin for 2024 have been identified using the latest FBI crime data. These cities which include larger places like Milwaukee and Madison have high rates of violent and property crimes. The most dangerous spot is a small town with fewer than 10,000 residents. There’s a clear need for more police with Wisconsin’s crime rates above the national average, security cameras, or drug rehab programs to tackle these issues. Before moving to or visiting these areas it’s important to be aware of their safety risks.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin


Safety in Beloit might be a concern for those in Wisconsin. An hour south of Madison Beloit stands out for its high rates of violent and property crime. The farmer’s market in Beloit is popular but it also had 878 larceny cases reported in 2020. Additionally, 74 car thefts and 117 burglaries occurred in that year. Beloit also had the second highest murder rate in Wisconsin and residents faced a 1 in 206 chance of being violently assaulted.

Brown Deer

Situated just twenty minutes north of Milwaukee, Brown Deer is a deadly location. Brown Deer isn’t quite idyllic because of its high crime rate despite its modest size. Car thefts occurred every two weeks in the community which had Wisconsin’s fifth-highest rate of property crime. Despite the small population of 11,808 crime is nevertheless a major problem.


Milwaukee is the state’s most violent city and is well-known for its beer and motorcycles. Residents’ odds of becoming victims of violent crimes including murder, rape, robbery, or assault in 2020 were 1 in 62. Milwaukee had the second-highest number of burglaries and the highest murder rate in the state with an average of almost ten per day. Nonetheless, Milwaukee residents can still enjoy a high standard of living in safer districts.

Rice Lake

Rice Lake is a small city in Barron County but finds itself on the list of the most dangerous places. With only 8,526 residents the city saw one rape case per month in 2020 giving it the third highest rate of rape cases in Wisconsin. Additionally, residents had a 1 in 40 chance of experiencing a property crime over the year. Walking alone along the Cedar Side Walking Trail is not advised.

La Crosse

La Crosse is a place located on the Mississippi River that deals with the high crime rates typical of densely populated areas. Instances of larceny and car theft are common. Despite this, La Crosse offers riverside parks, museums, and several universities providing a mix of challenges and attractions.

West Allis

West Allis is a suburb of Milwaukee and is known for its high rates of violent and property crime. In 2020 the city reported 237 burglaries and 175 car thefts. Violent crime is a significant issue with two assaults and one robbery occurring each week on average. Greenfield Park is best avoided for late-night strolls.


Wisconsin’s capital and second-largest city is Madison but also faces high rates of crime. With 648 cars stolen in 2020 Madison has Wisconsin’s third-highest burglary rate while having the lowest rate of property crime on this list. There is still a significant issue with violent crime; there is a 1 in 312 risk of assault for locals.

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