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Nebraska’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Unveiled: Crime-Ridden Regions Revealed for 2023

Most Dangerous Cities In Nebraska
Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities In Nebraska: The Crime Hotspots. (Phot: OnlyInYourState)

Nebraska boasts beauty and history but beneath its serene exterior lurk areas plagued by perilous crimes. The recent report by RoadSnacks exposes the top 10 most hazardous cities in Nebraska for 2023, highlighting alarming crime rates and risky environments.

Most Dangerous Cities In Nebraska

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Nebraska: The Crime Hotspots. (Photo: OnlyInYourState)

Riskiest Places 2023

  1. North Platte: With a population of 23,523, North Platte emerges as Nebraska’s most dangerous city, ranking third in violent crimes and topping the chart for property crimes. Despite its historical significance, it’s been marked by a concerning crime surge.
  2. Omaha: Known for its pioneering history, museums, and sports events, Omaha ranks second in both violent and property crimes. The city, which hosts the NCAA College World Series, grapples with a high crime rate, significantly impacting its safety index.
  3. Scottsbluff: Sitting in Nebraska’s panhandle, Scottsbluff observes a worrying rise in crime, despite its historical significance. Ranked sixth overall, it demands extra vigilance while exploring its oldest concrete road and natural landscapes.
  4. Grand Island: Ironically housing the Law Enforcement Training Center, Grand Island experiences a higher risk of violent and property crimes, deviating from expectations of safety in such a locale.
  5. South Sioux City: Climbing positions from last year, South Sioux City alarms with increased violent and property crime chances, detracting from its significance as a Vietnam Veterans Memorial site.
  6. Crete: Despite hosting the Great Pumpkin Festival, Crete faces high rates of violent crime, presenting concerns for residents and visitors alike. Located in Saline County, this city of 7,009 residents encounters challenges in curbing criminal activities.
  7. Kearney: A stop for travelers due to its Trails & Rails Museum, Kearney holds risks with notable occurrences of larcenies and assaults. Despite its historical significance, vigilance remains crucial in this city.
  8. Nebraska City: Known for its Applejack Festival, Nebraska City struggles with property crimes, ranking unfavorably for burglary rates. The city’s history is marred by a distressing, unsolved murder case.
  9. Sidney: Home to the Sidney Boot Hill Cemetery, this historical site also witnesses a notable history of murder and attempted murder from the Wild West era. Currently, the city experiences elevated property and violent crime rates, urging caution among visitors.
  10. Beatrice: Despite its small-town charm, Beatrice contends with notable violent crimes, including sexual assaults. The city’s history harbors a controversial wrongful conviction case known as the “Beatrice Six,” casting a shadow on its safety index.

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