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Washington’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities of 2023 Unveiled: Crime Insights & Risky Territories

Most Dangerous Cities In Washington. (Photo: Department of State)

This comprehensive breakdown reveals the ten most perilous cities in Washington for 2023, delving into crime statistics and highlighting areas marked by elevated rates of violent and property crimes. Offering insights to aid in navigating these risky territories, the analysis encompasses cities with populations of 5,000 or more, shedding light on safety concerns for potential residents.

Aerial View in Washington

Aerial View of Washington DC (Photo: NBC4 Washington)

Washington’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities

  1. Lakewood: Nestled on Tacoma’s southwestern edge, Lakewood ranks as the tenth most dangerous city. Known for high car theft and violent crime rates, it’s marred by a tragic event—the 2009 murder of four Lakewood Police Department officers.
  2. Shelton: Located on Puget Sound’s westernmost edge, Shelton faces challenges attributed to a mix of property and violent crimes. Elevated unemployment and poverty rates contribute to its standing as the ninth most dangerous city.
  3. SeaTac: Home to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, SeaTac contends with prevalent robberies and car thefts, securing its place as the eighth most dangerous city. A haunting 2017 crime underlines the necessity for heightened security in public spaces.
  4. Union Gap: Union Gap’s small population magnifies the impact of its high property crime rates, earning it the seventh spot. Its historical connections to Yakima and shifting structures add a unique backdrop to its safety concerns.
  5. Spokane: Despite safe neighborhoods, Spokane grapples with significant crime challenges, ranking sixth most dangerous. The city’s high property crime rates underscore the urgency for targeted improvements in specific areas.
  6. Seattle: Despite its picturesque view from the Space Needle, Seattle’s crime rates portray a different narrative. With notably high burglary and car theft rates, coupled with alarming violent crime statistics, the city ranks as the fifth most dangerous.
  7. Toppenish: Situated within the Yakama Indian Reservation, Toppenish holds the fourth position. Despite its small population, it records high rates of violent crimes and the state’s highest burglary rate, making each crime significantly impactful.
  8. Tacoma: Dubbed one of the nation’s “most walkable cities,” Tacoma faces crime challenges, ranking as the third most dangerous. Its high violent crime rate, nearly triple the national average, underscores safety concerns, particularly in certain areas.
  9. Tukwila’s staggering overall crime rate, nearly seven times the national average, cements its spot as the second-most dangerous city. Notably high property crime rates, including car thefts and burglaries, contribute to its position.
  10. Fife: A Tacoma suburb, Fife, emerges as the most dangerous city, plagued by significant crime issues. With elevated property and violent crime rates, including the highest murder rate for its population size, caution is advised for potential residents.

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This comprehensive breakdown reveals critical insights into Washington’s most perilous cities, aiming to aid individuals in understanding safety concerns and navigating potential relocation choices.

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