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New Hampshire’s Risky Realities: Unveiling the State’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities in 2023

New Hampshire. (Photo: Google)

Though New Hampshire has a reputation for being peaceful, there are several areas that provide serious risks, making them appear on the list of the state’s most dangerous locations. RoadSnacks has conducted an extensive review of violent and property crime statistics to determine the top 10 riskiest cities in 2023. These towns, which range from Manchester to Laconia, struggle with both high rates of crime and difficult economic conditions, underscoring the need for support and solutions.

Worst places to live in New Hempshire. (Photo

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10 Most Dangerous Cities in 2023

  1. Manchester: With 113,018 citizens, the largest city in New Hampshire, is the riskiest due to alarmingly high crime rates. In 2020, there were 2,096 violent crimes and 2,560 property crimes.
  2. Rochester: With 72 violent crimes and 873 property crimes in 2020, Rochester is the second most hazardous city despite having a low murder rate.
  3. Conway: A popular travel destination with an increasing crime rate, Conway ranks third among riskiest cities in 2020, with high rates of rapes, property crimes, and general criminal activity.
  4. Littleton: With 5,862 citizens, Littleton is a small city yet has a high rate of violent crimes and murders, ranking it as the fourth most dangerous place in the US with more yearly killings than larger cities.
  5. Somersworth: 396 property crimes were reported in 2020, making Somersworth the city with the highest overall crime rate (1 in 33 chance of becoming a victim) despite its affordability.
  6. Belmont: Despite its charming small-town atmosphere, Belmont has seen an increase in violent crimes and burglaries since 2016, placing it in seventh place overall.
  7. Farmington: Previously dubbed the “Shoe Capital of New Hampshire,” Farmington is currently ranked seventh most dangerous places due to a high frequency of violent crimes and break-ins.
  8. Concord, the nation’s capital, is ranked tenth highest overall for crime, with a particular emphasis on property crimes and larceny. In 2020, there were 727 recorded property crimes and 626 recorded cases of larceny.
  9. Keene: Despite attractions like Mount Monadnock and the Hannah Grimes Marketplace, Keene—known for its yearly pumpkin festival—ranks highly for overall crime and is the sixth most dangerous city.
  10. Laconia: A charming city surrounded by lakes and mountains, Laconia is ranked as the tenth most hazardous city in the world. It ranks second in terms of both property crimes and total crimes in 2022.

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