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Escaped Convict Remains At Large In Pennsylvania, Police Still On Manhunt Operation

Escaped Convict
Escaped Convict Danilo Cavalcante Remains At Large In Pennsylvania, Police Still On Manhunt Operation. (Photo: ABCNews)

Pennsylvania State Police confirmed two additional sightings of Danelo Cavalcante, an escaped convict murderer from Chester County Prison since August 31.

Escaped Convict

Escaped Convict Danilo Cavalcante Remains At Large In Pennsylvania, Police Still On Manhunt Operation. (Photo: ABCNews)

Escaped Convict’s Charges

The 34-year-old escaped convict from Brazil was indicted in 2021 in Schuylkill Township. Reports say that the escaped convict stabbed his girlfriend, Deborah Brandao, around 38 times while her two young children were watching them. The escaped convict was charged with first-degree murder on August 16 and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole last week. Deborah’s sister who currently takes care of the youngsters is worried sick that the escaped convict might come after her.

Escaped Convict’s Attempts

According to ABC News, the escaped convict broke out from Chester County Prison on August 31 around 8:51 A.M. by scaling a wall, climbing over razor wire, and jumping from a roof. For ten days, the escaped convict managed to dodge authorities and their attempts to capture him. On Friday, Chopper 6 was positioned near Longwood Gardens while officers surrounded the area where the escaped convict was seen multiple times this week. According to investigators, the escaped convict was still off the hook, but he might be just within the search area’s vicinity.

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Escaped Convict’s Intensified Manhunt

Command center authorities keep a close eye on a giant map of the latest perimeter of the trooper’s vehicle, manning the phones for tips, and watching live footage so officers will be dispatched immediately and accordingly. There was also increased security for an upcoming two-day festival happening just outside the search perimeter as the organizers were made aware of the escaped convict. Even Longwood Gardens closed early as a precaution after the escaped convict was sighted in the area.

Escaped Convict’s Sightings

The escaped convict was spotted by residents in the area of Chandler Road in Pennsbury Township, and the 1800 block of Lenape Road in Pocopson, as well as at a distance by a state trooper, and even inside his home. However, the escaped convict was able to avoid all attempts to arrest him.

Escaped Convict’s Physical Profile

The escaped convict was described as five feet tall, weighs 120 pounds with long, shaggy black curly hair and brown eyes. The escaped convict is a Brazilian man who speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and some English. Anyone who has information regarding the escaped convict is asked to report it to the authorities at 911 or at 877-WANTED-2. According to CNN News, a $20,000 reward awaits for anyone who can provide leads to help escaped convict’s capture. The district attorney referred to the escaped convict as an “extremely dangerous man”, which is why people who will participate in the search are advised to stay vigilant and never approach the escaped convict and call the corresponding digits right away.

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