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Manhunt for Escaped Murder Suspect Ongoing As Police Use His Mother’s Voice Urging His Surrender

Murder Suspect Danelo Cavalcante [Photo: Fox News]
Murder Suspect Danelo Cavalcante [Photo: Fox News]

The manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante is ongoing as police officers used his mother’s voice in recordings to encourage his surrender. Reports say the murder suspect escaped from a state prison after being convicted of killing his girlfriend.

Murder Suspect Danelo Cavalcante [Photo: CNN]

Murder Suspect Danelo Cavalcante [Photo: CNN]

On the morning of August 31, Danelo Cavalcante, 34, escaped from a state prison in Pennsylvania after being convicted of murdering his former girlfriend of two years, Deborah Brandao. Reports say the murder suspect was supposed to be transferred to a state correctional facility where he was expected to serve a life sentence.

According to Bushard, on August 16, Cavalcante was convicted by a jury in Pennsylvania on charges of first-degree murder. Reportedly, the murder suspect killed Brandao in front of the victim’s children using a kitchen knife from a barbecue party he attended back in 2021. Furthermore, the murder suspect allegedly killed Brandao after the victim threatened to inform the police that he had been wanted for murder in Brazil.

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Manhunt for Murder Suspect

According to Torres, the manhunt for the murder suspect is still ongoing as officials from Chester County in Pennsylvania are searching an area outside the city of Philadelphia. Further reports say local police have broadcast the voice of the murder suspect’s mother in recordings from vehicles and a helicopter, encouraging him to surrender without incident.

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