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Escaped Murder Suspect from D.C. Hospital Still on the Loose – Police Continue to Search and Offer $25K Reward for Information

Escaped Murder Suspect from D.C. Hospital Still on the Loose. (Photo: CNN)

An escaped murder suspect from a D.C. hospital is still at large, having managed to break free from police custody at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. This incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon. Following the escape, law enforcement authorities announced a substantial $25,000 reward for anyone providing information that leads to the capture of this suspect.

Escaped Murder Suspect from D.C. Hospital Still on the Loose. (Photo: WTOP)

Manhunt Launched for Escaped Murder Suspect from D.C Hospital

According to CBS NEWS report, Christopher Haynes, an escaped murder suspect from a D.C. hospital, managed to elude authorities after breaking free from police custody at George Washington University Hospital. Following this dramatic escape, law enforcement authorities swiftly offered a substantial $25,000 reward for any information that leads to his apprehension.

The escape unfolded when Haynes, who had initially complained about ankle pain from a pre-existing injury, was being transported to the hospital for medical treatment. During hospital stay of the escaped murder suspect, he unexpectedly assaulted an officer while the officer was changing his handcuffs and fled the scene.

This prompted George Washington University to issue a shelter-in-place order as a precautionary measure, which was later lifted that same night. Surveillance footage from a nearby resident’s property captured Haynes in their yard, clad in white socks and without shoes.

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Police Seek Public’s Help in Locating and Searching Escaped Murder Suspect

Fox 5 DC reported that the escaped murder suspect was last seen running away from the hospital, and authorities have not disclosed his current location. Police are seeking public assistance to locate the escaped murder suspect, emphasizing that he is considered dangerous due to the murder charge. Police also strongly advised individuals not to engage with him and to promptly contact 911.

Christopher Haynes, the 30-year-old escaped murder suspect, is described as 6 feet tall, 205 pounds, with shoulder-length dreadlocks, a Washington Nationals tattoo on his neck, and was last seen wearing a black shirt, gray shorts, and white socks with black handcuffs on his right wrist.

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