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New US Fighter Jets With Nuclear Bombing Capability To Be Based in UK: A Nuclear-Tinged Message To Russia

New US Fighter Jets will be deployed at UK possibly at the end of the year or in 2024 . (Photo: THE TELEGRAPH)

Two squadrons of new Us fighter jets,  hi-tech F-35 As, set to arrive at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk imminently.

New US Fighter Jets will be deployed at UK possibly at the end of the year or in 2024 . (Photo: GB NEWS)

The United States Intends to Station Two Squadrons of New US Fighter Jets, Capable of Carrying Nuclear Weapons, in the UK. This Move Sends a Clear Signal of the United States’ Commitment to Addressing the Russia Situation With Utmost Seriousness.

According to Mail Online, two squadrons of new US fighter jets, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, are reportedly going to be based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, UK. Experts view this as an indication of a new cold war between Western countries and others. This decision follows a US Air Force report suggesting that the base could potentially be used for hosting US nuclear weapons in the UK.

These new US fighter jets, specifically F-35s, will be deployed either by the end of this year or possibly in 2024 and have the capacity for nuclear missions, air-to-air operations, and gathering intelligence.

Construction of a “surety dormitory” for nuclear arms personnel at RAF begins in June 2024, ending in February 2026, with a budget of $50 million. This move, along with concerns over nuclear warfare, underscores growing geopolitical tensions. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon sees it as strategic brinkmanship, signaling US seriousness amid global uncertainty, particularly due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood interprets this as a response to the increasingly perilous and intricate global situation. Some campaigners oppose the return of nuclear weapons to the UK, believing it makes the country a target in any potential nuclear conflict between the US/NATO and Russia.

However, others, including MP Matt Hancock, support the move as a reinforcement of shared security values. The UK government maintains its policy of neither confirming nor denying the presence of nuclear weapons at specific locations.

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Capabilities of the New US Fighter Jets in the Two Squadrons

In an article published by Nogoom Masrya stated that the new US fighter jets in the two squadrons possess the capacity to transport tactical nuclear armaments while also being adept at tasks like engaging enemy aircraft in aerial combat and gathering intelligence.

According to military insiders, there are intentions to deploy 54 new US fighter jets at the base, replacing the “F-15” fighters, which have nuclear capabilities but are less technologically advanced. The new Us fighter jets,  F-35 As, boasts superior capabilities and can operate at longer ranges without being detected by radar, which is crucial for deploying it in nuclear bombing scenarios.

Before 2008, Lakenheath base in Britain housed approximately 110 American nuclear bombers. However, as the threat of conflict diminished, these bombers were repatriated to the United States.

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