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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the Potential World War III – Urges US to “Bring Back” Trump to End War Between Ukraine and Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Urges US to "Bring Back" Trump to End War Between Ukraine and Russia. (Photo: THE DAILY BEAST)

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán links resolution of Ukraine conflict to Donald Trump’s presidential re-election. 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Urges US to “Bring Back” Trump to End War Between Ukraine and Russia. (Photo: AP NEWS)

Hungarian Prime Minister Warns of Misleading Perception on Ukraine-Russia Conflict and Highlights Concerns About Power Vacuum in Russia

In an article published by Remix, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in a highly-watched interview, contends that the perception of Ukraine winning the war against Russia is misleading. He underscores the risks of a power vacuum in Russia for global stability.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán calls the idea of an imminent Ukrainian victory a falsehood, citing practical and political reasons. He warns of a dangerous potential for a third world war and highlights Russia’s strength. Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán criticizes the West’s strategy and stresses the importance of maintaining Russia’s unity.

He expresses concern about weak Russian leadership and rejects the idea of an interregnum. Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán praises former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach and suggests Ukraine’s reliance on Western aid for peace.

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In An Interview, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Claims Only Trump’s Reelection Can End Ukraine War in Candid Interview with Tucker Carlson

According to The Washington Post published article, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in an extensive interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the sole solution to conclude the Ukraine war is the re-election of Donald Trump as President. Orbán praised Trump’s foreign policy and criticized President Biden’s approach to the conflict.

He asserted that Trump’s return would be the only viable resolution and refuted the notion that Kyiv could triumph over Russia. The interview, released on Carlson’s platform, discussed Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán’s support for Trump and his concerns about the current conflict.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán’s government has maintained a close relationship with Russia since its invasion of Ukraine. He criticized Biden’s State Department’s actions towards Hungary’s rule-of-law and human rights. Despite his alignment with Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán called for a ceasefire and peace talks. The interview was conducted on the prime minister’s opulent terrace in Budapest.

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