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Olivier Nkamhoua Transfer Shines as Michigan Triumphs in Season Opener Against UNC Asheville

(Photo: kdhnews)

Michigan Triumphs Over UNC Asheville in Season Opener with Olivier Nkamhoua’s Impressive Debut

In Michigan’s season opener, the Tennessee Olivier Nkamhoua transfer made a remarkable debut with 25 points and seven rebounds, showcasing his prowess on the court and significantly contributing to the Wolverines’ 99-74 victory over UNC Asheville in Ann Arbor. (Photo: fieldlevelmedia)

Olivier Nkamhoua’s Stellar Debut and Michigan’s Sharp Shooting Lead to Dominant Victory

According to source, in Michigan’s season opener, the Tennessee transfer Olivier Nkamhoua made an Olivier Nkamhoua transfer début contributing 25 points and seven rebounds to help the Wolverines secure a 99-74 victory over UNC Asheville in Ann Arbor. Dug McDaniel excelled with 22 points and eight assists while Terrance Williams II added 15 points and six rebounds. Nimari Burnett, along with Olivier Nkamhoua transfer chipped in with 13 points and five rebounds stretching up to 29 points.

Michigan displayed sharp shooting with a field goal percentage of 56.7%, while UNC Asheville shot at 40%. Drew Pember, in the game of Olivier Nkamhoua transfer, was the top performer for the Bulldogs contributing 19 points, despite early foul trouble. He was a key player last season leading the Bulldogs to an NCAA Tournament appearance. Josh Banks scored 18 points, and Evan Johnson added 12 for UNC Asheville. Phil Martelli led the Wolverines as head coach Juwan Howard continues his recovery from heart surgery.

UNC Asheville initially stayed close to Michigan trailing by just five points in the first nine minutes, despite Olivier Nkamhoua transfer being a notable presence. However Michigan began to pull away embarking on a 10-point run that extended their lead to 15. Dug McDaniel initiated the surge with a 3-pointer, scoring another basket within that span, while Terrance Williams II, in connection with Olivier Nkamhoua transfer capped it off with a 3-pointer.

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Wolverines Maintain Strong Lead in First Half, Continue Dominance in the Second

By the time 4:12 remained in the first half, the Wolverines had stretched their lead to 20 points, reaching 44-24 following a layup by Williams. The Wolverines further extended their lead, hitting a high of 48-27 in the first half with a McDaniel alley-oop to Nkamhoua. UNC Asheville managed to reduce the deficit slightly before the half ended, with Johnson, in conjunction with Olivier Nkamhoua transfer, scoring the last five points to make it 48-32.

By halftime, McDaniel, alongside Olivier Nkamhoua transfer, had recorded 12 points and six assists, while Nkamhoua, as part of the Olivier Nkamhoua transfer, also contributed 12 points. For UNC Asheville, Johnson, along with Olivier Nkamhoua transfer, was their top scorer in the first half with the same number of points.

Michigan continued their dominance in the second half, with McDaniel sinking a 3-pointer just 19 seconds in. Burnett’s three-point play extended the lead to 22 points within 21 seconds. In a matter of five minutes into the second half, Michigan’s advantage had grown to 27 points, reaching 67-40 after Williams’ successful 3-pointer.

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