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Trump’s Concerns: Conservative Supreme Court Justices and the Battle over State Ballots

Trump worried conservative Supreme Court justices will rule against him on states’ ballots, says report (Photo: Google)

In private, Trump worries that conservative judges might decide against him because they don’t want to be seen as “political.”

Trump worried conservative Supreme Court justices will rule against him on states’ ballots, says report (Photo: Google)

Trump Concerned Over Ballot Removal

Trump allegedly worries that conservative Supreme Court justices, including three he selected, may rule against him after being removed from GOP primary ballots in Colorado and Maine. Following the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, the 14th Amendment’s restriction on insurrectionists in public office prompted the removal.

Trump’s friends say he hasn’t been charged with “insurrection,” but he faces riot claims. The US Supreme Court will review the Colorado Supreme Court judgment, so advisers are drafting challenges in Colorado and Maine. Trump’s team will appeal the secretary of state’s ballot ban in Maine state court. Colorado will appeal the verdict to the US Supreme Court, where Trump selected three conservative justices. Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment bars insurrectionists from office.

Trump privately believes the Supreme Court will decide against him in both instances but worries conservative justices would avoid looking “political” and ruling against him. Trump’s associates were startled by Colorado’s vote.

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Trump Remains on California Ballot Despite Challenges

California’s secretary of state confirmed Trump’s appearance on the ballot after unsuccessful attempts in Wisconsin and other states. Fourteen states are suing Trump for removal. Trump’s camp believes election tampering criminal prosecutions and ballot deletions are Democratic attempts to discredit him.

The obstacles have led some, like former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, to warn that Trump’s removal from ballots may make him a martyr, accentuating his victimhood.

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