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Maine’s Bold Move: Disqualifying Trump Raises Stakes for U.S. Supreme Court Showdown

Maine’s decision to disqualify Trump ups ante for U.S. Supreme Court (Photo: google)

Legal experts suggest that justices are likely to affirm that the enforcement of the 14th Amendment is within the purview of Congress and not individual states.

Maine’s decision to disqualify Trump ups the ante for U.S. Supreme Court (Photo: Google)

Legal Battle Unleashed: Maine’s Decision to Oust Trump Sparks Potential Supreme Court Showdown

Maine, the second state to remove Donald Trump from the ballot, has raised the possibility of a U.S. Supreme Court fight that might affect the 2024 election. This follows Colorado’s all-Democrat Supreme Court’s judgment. The main issue is whether Trump’s January 6, 2021, acts violate the 14th Amendment’s “engaged in insurrection or rebellion.”

Legal commentators say the Supreme Court may go beyond Trump’s actions to the 14th Amendment’s last clause. The phrase indicates that Congress can enforce the article, meaning that Congress can disqualify rather than state. Harvard legal professor Alan Dershowitz claims the 14th Amendment does not authorize state courts to apply it.

Many legal experts expect Maine’s and Colorado’s decisions to be reversed. Retired Senate Judiciary Committee lawyer Mike Davis says Congress may enforce the 14th Amendment, not states. The Colorado State Republican Party’s appeal concerns whether the 14th Amendment lets states remove candidates without Congress.

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Swift Reactions and Deep Divides: Party Lines Drawn Over Maine’s Move to Oust Trump

Maine’s decision sparked quick, party-line responses. Republican senator Marsha Blackburn and presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy call the move a democratic attack. However, Democrats like Rep. Jared Golden believe Trump should be on the ballot unless proven guilty of rebellion.

It highlights the national debate on election meddling and state vs. federal jurisdiction in electoral procedures.

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