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Criminal Probe: Donald Trump’s A Target, Special Counsel Jack Smith Told!

Criminal Probe
Criminal Probe: Donald Trump's A Target, Special Counsel Jack Smith Told! (PHOTO: CNBC)

Former President Donald Trump has revealed that special counsel Jack Smith informed him that he is a target of the criminal probe into efforts to overturn the 2020 election, Advocate News reported.

Criminal Probe

Criminal Probe: Donald Trump’s A Target, Special Counsel Jack Smith Told! (PHOTO: RTHK News)

Donald Trump’s Criminal Probe

Trump received a target letter from Smith’s team, indicating that he could face charges related to the criminal probe. His legal team has not formally responded to the invitation to testify before the grand jury, but it is expected that Trump will decline to do so. This development caught Trump’s team off guard, as they were not anticipating charges to be brought against him this month as the criminal probe unveils.

Trump’s advisers are currently reaching out to lawyers and allies to determine if anyone else received a target letter in connection with the special counsel’s criminal probe. So far, no other recipients have been identified. Smith, when asked about the target letter and the possibility of indicting Trump, declined to comment.

The White House and Biden’s reelection campaign have declined to comment on the matter. Trump has already been indicted twice this year on charges relating to the mishandling of classified documents. Justice Department regulations allow prosecutors to notify subjects of a criminal probe that they have become a target, which often indicates that an indictment may follow.

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Criminal Probe On Trump’s Actions

The criminal probe is focused on Trump’s actions in the aftermath of the 2020 election, including attempts to overturn the results and pressure campaign against Vice President Mike Pence. The grand jury is continuing to hear from witnesses, and a close adviser to Trump is expected to appear for questioning. The criminal probe has also involved interviews with election officials and top aides to Trump in the White House.

While Trump has defended his actions as the right to protest an election he believed was rigged, this criminal probe adds to the legal challenges he faces as he continues to campaign for another term as president.

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