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Elections 2024: Progressives Focus on Local Wins to Fully Reorganize Democratic Party

Elections 2024 [Photo: Mobilize]
Elections 2024 [Photo: Mobilize]

For the Elections 2024, the progressives intend to focus on local wins to fully reorganize the Democratic Party. The focus on local elections has apparently helped the progressives gain influence and power from the bottom up.

Elections 2024 [Photo: National Association of Counties]

Elections 2024 [Photo: National Association of Counties]

Reports say recent wins at local levels give hope to the progressives of fully reorganizing the Democratic Party, not just from the national level for the Elections 2024. Earlier this month, a former organizer of a teacher’s union has unexpectedly won a mayoral election. In St. Louis, Missouri, progressives have also won the majority on the municipal board. This means that progressives may also have a chance in the mayoral elections in Houston and Philadelphia which happens this year.

An article in the AP News states that the focus on local-level wins has already helped progressives gain influence and power. In addition, local wins may help progressives find breakout members who will move further up the political ladder in the Elections 2024. Association of Flight Attendants President Sara Nelson stated that instead of focusing only on the Presidential Elections, the progressives strategized on how to build the bench.

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Focus on Elections 2024 Local Wins

According to an article on PBS, the focus on local level wins followed years of gradual progress and some setbacks. For instance, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders had lost each time he was aligned with the Democratic Party. Progressives have also been defeated during primary campaigns in New York, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas last year. Nonetheless, Sanders still pushes the mainstream Democrats on crucial issues such as climate change and student loan debts.

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