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Homicide Suspect Captured 9 Days After Escaping Pennsylvania Jail Into Wilderness

Homicide Suspect Michael Charles Burham [Photo: Yahoo News]
Homicide Suspect Michael Charles Burham [Photo: Yahoo News]

Michael Charles Burham was captured nine days after he escaped Warren County jail in Pennsylvania. The homicide suspect was found in someone’s backyard when the homeowner’s dog spotted and barked at him.

Homicide Suspect Michael Charles Burham [Photo: NewsBreak]

Homicide Suspect Michael Charles Burham [Photo: NewsBreak]

On July 15, at around 3:57 p.m., authorities were notified by the residents of Cnewango Township in Warren County about a suspicious individual. Reports say a barking dog raised the suspicion of its owner and when the owner went outside to check, he found Michael Charles Burham, 34, in his backyard.

According to Rumpf-Whitten, the Burham and the homeowner had a brief conversation where Burham allegedly claimed that he was on a “camping trip”. Fortunately, the homeowner recognized Burham as the homicide suspect who recently escaped Warren County jail and alerted the local authorities to the location of the fugitive.

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Homicide Suspect Finally Captured

According to Tanyos, authorities stated that a huge number of law enforcement officers, K-9s, and air support formed a large perimeter around the area where they believed the homicide suspect was hiding from being captured. Fortunately, around 5:50 p.m. of the same day, the homicide suspect was eventually taken into custody.

In a press conference at around 7:30 p.m. later that day, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens stated that the homicide suspect was arrested at gunpoint following a coordinated manhunt with state and local authorities for nine days.

To date, the authorities have not yet determined where the homicide suspect will be housed after his arraignment. In addition, it is also not yet disclosed whether the homicide suspect will face additional charges for avoiding capture and escaping from a county jail.

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