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Manhunt Ongoing After Murder Suspect And Rapist Escapes Prison While Using Bed Sheets Tied Into A Rope

Murder Suspect
Manhunt Ongoing After Murder Suspect And Rapist Escapes Prison While Using Bed Sheets Tied Into A Rope (PHOTO: Yahoo)

Thursday night or early Friday morning, murder Suspect Michael Charles Burham has escaped from a Pennsylvania prison and is considered to be a very dangerous man, the public is asked to be vigilant and report anything out of the ordinary, Jamestown Police said.

Murder Suspect

Manhunt Ongoing After Murder Suspect And Rapist Escapes Prison While Using Bed Sheets Tied Into A Rope (PHOTO: Law & Crime)

Murder Suspect Michael Charles Burham Escapes Prison Using Bed Sheets0

The Jamestown Police Department in New York announced on its Facebook page, that inmate Michael Charles Burham, 34, had escaped from the Warren County Prison in northern Pennsylvania and was on the loose.

Burham was being held on arson, and burglary charges and was also wanted as a murder suspect, rape, false imprisonment, and arson in Jamestown, New York, which is less than 10 miles from the state’s southern border with Pennsylvania. Hence, he is considered to be a very dangerous man.

Burham has also been being held on a $1 million bond since he was deported back to Pennsylvania on June 19.

ABC News reported that the Warren County spokesperson Cecile Stelter claimed during a press conference that the murder suspect Burham was last seen around 11:20 in the afternoon on Thursday wearing an orange/white striped prison jumpsuit, a denim jacket, and Crocs shoes.

Stelter said Burham had performed his escape in the recreational yard by climbing himself on top of the prison’s exercise equipment so he can reach the metal grate in the roof before sliding himself to the ground using his improvised rope made with bed sheets tied together. He then run into the woods after he was out in prison on foot.

The federal, state, and local agencies launched a manhunt using motorized vehicles and K-9 on the ground as well as aerial resources including drones and aircraft, according to Jamestown Police.

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The Murder Suspect Has An Additional Count Of Escape

On Friday, court records show that prosecutors in Warren County charged Burham with an additional count of escape, a level three felony due to the incident.

In a follow-up post on Facebook, the City of Warren Police Department stated that the manhunt for Burham has been extended throughout the county and into areas of New York, with the Pennsylvania State Police assuming incident command because of geographical jurisdictions.

While police were searching for him, he reportedly also kidnapped an elderly couple at gunpoint in Sheffield, Pennsylvania, and drove them to North Charleston, S.C., which resulted in carjacking and kidnapping charges.

He led police on a multistate manhunt until he was finally arrested in South Carolina on May 24 after a resident spotted him in their backyard, the outlet reported.

Additionally, he is also a murder suspect and has a rape case in connection with 34-year-old Kala Hodgkin, which occurred on May 11 in Jamestown, New York. He had formerly been a person of interest in the case.

Police said that if spotted Burham should not be approached and people should instead call 911 immediately.

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