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Marianne Shockley’s Strange Death In Georgia Town: Boyfriend Says, “Evil Came to Play.” 

Marianne Shockley
Marianne Shockley's Strange Death In Georgia Town (PHOTO: CBS News)

The mysterious death of Professor Marianne Shockley sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many questions unanswered.

Marianne Shockley with boyfriend

Marianne Shockley’s Strange Death In Georgia Town (PHOTO: CBS News)

Marianne Shockley’s Strange Death

Marianne Shockley, a well-respected professor at the University of Georgia (UGA), was enjoying a swim party with her boyfriend, Marcus Allen Lillard, at a Baldwin County resident’s house. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary gathering would take a dark turn.

One of the attendees at the party was Dr. Clark Heindel, a former clinical psychologist. Tragically, following Marianne’s death, Dr. Heindel took his own life, further complicating the case. The sequence of events leading to these shocking deaths remains a puzzle.

On the evening of May 11, 2019, Marianne and Marcus went bar hopping in Milledgeville, Georgia. Hours later, the police arrived at a puzzling crime scene, discovering Marianne’s lifeless body outside a hot tub.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted an autopsy, revealing that Marianne had died from manual strangulation.

Prosecutors targeted Marcus, suggesting that his actions during an intimate moment in the bathtub might have inadvertently led to Marianne’s death. However, the case took an even more perplexing turn when it was revealed that all three individuals present that night—Marianne Shockley, Marcus Lillard, and Clark Heindel—had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol, allegedly including ecstasy.

This revelation raised the possibility that the tragedy might have been an accident fueled by the effects of intoxication.

The only other witness to the events, Clark Heindel, tragically took his own life after being separated from Marcus for questioning. In a note left behind, he expressed his confusion and lack of knowledge regarding what had truly transpired that fateful night.

Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee called it one of the strangest cases they had ever worked on, adding to the mystique surrounding Marianne Shockley’s death.

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Marianne Shockley’s Boyfriend Found Not Guilty

Marcus Lillard faced a slew of charges, including felony murder, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, and reckless conduct, CBS News reported.

However, despite the prosecutors’ efforts to build a strong case against him, Marcus was ultimately found not guilty by a jury. The jury reportedly reached their decision swiftly after four days of testimonies.

Although Marcus was acquitted of Marianne’s death, he still faced the consequences of violating his probation.

The judge revoked his previous sentence, and he was taken into custody immediately. The duration of his sentence would be determined by the parole board.

The case of Marianne Shockley’s strange death remains a haunting and perplexing enigma. While some questions have been answered, the true sequence of events leading to her tragic demise continues to elude us.

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