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Murder Suspect Arrested After 3-Year-Old Child Accidentally Fires Gun in Indiana

Murder Suspect Accidentally Shot by Child [Photo: WISH-TV]
Murder Suspect Accidentally Shot by Child [Photo: WISH-TV]

Trayshaun Smith was arrested after being accidentally shot by a 3-year-old child in Indiana. Reports say the murder suspect was visiting the mother’s child when the accident took place.

Child Accidentally Shot 2 Individuals in Indiana [Photo: CNN]

Child Accidentally Shot 2 Individuals in Indiana [Photo: CNN]

In the evening of May 18, police officers responded to a local hospital in Indiana where two individuals were being treated. Reports say the victims sustained non-fatal injuries after a 3-year-old child accidentally fired one round of gunshot at an apartment in Lafayette.

An article in CNN states that one of the victims was the child’s mother. On the other hand, the second victim was identified as Trayshaun Smith, 23, who was a friend of the mother. Apparently, Smith was visiting the apartment when the accident took place. Nonetheless, authorities did not reveal how the child was able to access the firearm or what type of firearm was used.

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One of the Victims Was A Murder Suspect

Eventually, according to Nye, Smith was identified as a suspect on an active murder warrant that was issued by Cook County in Illinois. Lt. Justin Hartman of Lafayette Police Department states that the accident led to the arrest of the murder suspect who was wanted in another state.

To date, the Lafayette Police is working with the Markham Police Department in Cook County about the murder suspect’s arrest. However, it is still not determined if Smith will have legal representation for the case.

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