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Jeremy Renner Update: The Avengers Actor Spends Friday With Family At Six Flags

Jeremy Renner Update [Photo: People]
Jeremy Renner Update [Photo: People]

A Jeremy Renner update reveals that The Avengers actor spent his Friday with family at Six Flags in California. The outing came a day after Renner recounted his near-death encounter on New Year’s Day.

Jeremy Renner Update [Photo: E! Online]

Jeremy Renner Update [Photo: E! Online]

A Jeremy Renner update on Instagram revealed that The Avengers actor has spent his Friday with his family at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. In the Instagram post, Renner captioned the photo, “Good Friday, made magic on the mountain with some of my amazing family!”. Nonetheless, Renner was sporting what seems to be a compression sleeve on his left leg and a cane.

According to Melendez, The Avengers actor’s outing with his family came a day after a Jeremy Renner update revealed that he had an interview with ABC News recounting his near-death experience on New Year’s Day. The snowcat vehicle accident reportedly resulted to more than 30 broken bones and mandatory chest surgery.

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Jeremy Renner Update About the New Year’s Day Accident

An article on the CNN states that following the New Year’s Day accident, The Avengers actor recounted how he was airlifted to be transported to a hospital and was left in a critical condition. Renner shares that to date, he still feels sparks of pain from the extensive surgery he had undergone which included metal plates, screws, and even rubber bands.

Furthermore, Renner detailed the substantial list of injuries he had suffered which included a broken right shoulder, 8 ribs broken in 14 places, a broken left leg and shinbone, a broken right knee, and two broken ankles.

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