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$16 Million Settlement Alert: Capital One Customers Must Act by Midnight to Claim Their Share-Eligible to Claim!

Confirm Eligibility by Midnight for Capital One Settlement

Settlement Covers Charges from September 2015 to January 2022

According to the Washington Examiner, Capital One customers have until midnight tonight to confirm their eligibility for a portion of the bank’s $16 million settlement to resolve accusations of charging improper fees. The settlement addresses claims that Capital One failed to refund insufficient funds or overdraft fees for represented check or ACH transactions which violated account terms. While Capital One has agreed to settle the dispute it has not admitted any wrongdoing. Eligible customers who were charged these fees between September 1, 2015 and January 12, 2022 are entitled to receive a settlement payment without the need for additional documentation.

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$16 Million Settlement Alert: Capital One Customers Must Act by Midnight to Claim Their Share-Eligible to Claim! (PHOTO: The US Sun)

Walmart Ends Exclusive Partnership with Capital One

To participate in the settlement eligible customers must verify their eligibility by the deadline. Those who do not opt out will automatically receive a portion of the $16 million settlement. Customers can also submit objections to the settlement terms by June 17. A final approval hearing on July 15 will decide whether the settlement becomes final ensuring equitable distribution of funds among affected individuals.

In other developments Walmart recently announced the end of its exclusive credit card partnership with Capital One following legal disputes. Walmart alleged that Capital One’s handling of transactions and customer service did not meet expectations, leading to a court decision favoring Walmart’s early termination of the contract. Despite these challenges Capital One remains a significant player in the U.S. banking sector headquartered in McLean, Virginia with assets exceeding $468 billion. Customers and interested parties can find more information about the settlement and check their eligibility on a dedicated page provided by Capital One.

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