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$3.6 Million Amazon Settlement: Californians to Receive $565.43 Each; Alaska Residents Get $1,650 PFD- Get yours now!

Amazon Settles Lawsuit, Offers One-Time Payments to Californian Workers

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend Increases to $1,650 per Resident

According to The U.S. Sun, CALIFORNIA (WAVE) – Californians who worked for Amazon between July 22, 2017 and November 7, 2023 have a chance to get a one-time payment from a $3 million settlement. The settlement ends a lawsuit claiming Amazon didn’t pay employees enough for overtime work especially if they got signing or sign-on bonuses during those weeks. Amazon denies wrongdoing but agreed to pay $3.6 million to settle the case. Workers don’t need to fill out forms to get paid with each person expected to receive around $565.43 depending on what Amazon owes.

Meanwhile, Alaska residents are looking forward to the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) which gives each person about $1,650 this year. The money comes from oil and mining profits and has been given out yearly since 1982. The amount changes based on how much money the state makes. This year lawmakers decided to give more to help Alaskans financially.

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$3.6 Million Amazon Settlement: Californians to Receive $565.43 Each; Alaska Residents Get $1,650 PFD- Get yours now! (PHOTO: The US Sun)

Community Programs in Evanston and Fresno Provide Financial Aid

In other parts of the country programs in Evanston, Illinois, and Fresno, California are helping specific groups. Evanston will give $500 each month for a year to 150 households in areas where people were unfairly denied services in the past. Families must have low incomes and young children to qualify. Fresno’s program also offers $500 monthly to help families in need aiming to reduce financial inequality and support those who are struggling.

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