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$83M Awarded To Nonprofits To Build 400 Affordable Homes In LA County: Check Key Projects And Funding Details!

(photo: Urbanize LA)

San José City Council approved a budget shifting funds from building affordable apartments to temporary housing for the homeless.

San José City Council Shifts Budget Focus to Homeless Temporary Housing, Mayor Matt Mahan’s Victory Sparks Debate

San José’s City Council has approved a budget with a major change: more money will now go towards temporary housing and RV or tent living spaces for the homeless instead of building affordable apartments. This shift is a big win for Mayor Matt Mahan after a failed attempt last year, according to the report of KQED.

Mayor Mahan says this change is crucial for ending homelessness in San José. But some affordable housing advocates are upset, saying it’s a big loss. Measure E, which originally aimed to build affordable housing, will now mainly fund temporary housing and shelters. This change happened fast since Measure E was passed.

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(photo: The Real Deal)

San José Faces Debate Over Short-Term Solutions for Homelessness Amid Stormwater Permit Rejection

Other big cities in California are also focusing on short-term solutions for homelessness. Mayor Mahan’s push to prioritize immediate shelter needs reflects this trend. The decision came after San José’s stormwater permit was rejected, pushing the city to act fast to avoid legal issues.

Critics worry that focusing on temporary housing won’t solve the real problems causing homelessness. They argue it’s just a temporary fix. Councilmember Peter Ortiz says it’s like building a “bridge to nowhere.” Some council members want to go back to focusing on affordable housing in future budgets. This debate shows the challenges of balancing short-term shelter needs with long-term solutions for homelessness in San José.

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