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$1,000 Saved: Connecticut Green Energy Program Drives Nationwide Shift to Cleaner Energy with Solar and Geothermal Tax Exemptions

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Connecticut Residents Save Big with Green Energy

Connecticut Green Energy Program Saves Residents Over $1,000

In Connecticut, residents can save over $1,000 thanks to a program encouraging green energy use. The state exempts sales tax on solar and geothermal energy devices and some installation costs. For example, buying an 8-kilowatt home solar system for around $21,000 could save over $1,300 immediately. To qualify, you must buy your equipment in Connecticut and present proper documentation, according to the report of The US Sun.

Not just homeowners benefit; tenants, commercial property owners, and manufacturers can also save with this program. Additionally, Connecticut residents using solar power may qualify for property tax exemptions, but it varies by location. This shows the state’s commitment to promoting renewable energy.

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Federal Solar Tax Credit and State Incentives Drive Nationwide Shift to Cleaner Energy Sources

At the federal level, there’s a tax credit covering 30% of the cost of solar power installation. This will save people thousands of dollars. Other states like New York and New Jersey also offer sales tax exemptions for solar purchases. These incentives contribute to a nationwide shift towards cleaner energy sources.

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