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New Program Will Automatically Send Money to Eligible Residents in Utah

Unclaimed money
Unclaimed money in Utah can now easily be accessed. (Photo: KIII)

A new program in Utah will help eligible residents automatically receive unclaimed property through the MyCash Now program.

Unclaimed money

Unclaimed money in Utah can now easily be accessed. (Photo: KIII)

New Program for Unclaimed Property in Utah

The state of Utah has established a new program to help eligible residents receive automatically unclaimed property. Before, residents need to search their names on the state’s official website if they had unclaimed property to get the extra money.

In a published article in KSL News Radio, claimants in Utah can now use the MyCash Now program to automatically receive unclaimed property. This can only be used if Utahns owe less than $2,000 and wait for the check to come in their mail.

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More Money Will Go Back to Their Rightful Owner

According to an article published in Park Record, more money will go back to their rightful owners with less hassle and less fraud. Moreover,  it works by the Utah Tax Commission and the Unclaimed Property Division securely passing information between each other.

The division will notify the claimants if they have a dormant bank account or unclaimed insurance check. They will also send  check if the information is correct and an agency or company owes you $2,000 or less.

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