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Virginians Continue To Receive $400 in Tax Rebates as the Election Nears

$417 million plan
$417 million plan for the victims of Hurricans Idalia is the top priority of lawmakers in Florida. (Photo: PEOPLE)

More Virginians continue to receive $400 in tax rebates after state Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed the bill into law in September, but some view this as political in nature.

Tax rebates

Virginians continue to receive $400 tax rebates. (Photo: CNN)

$400 in Tax rebates in Virginia

Eligible taxpayers in Virginia continue to receive up to $400 in tax rebates after state Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed the bill into law on September 13. This is part of the state budget to send a one-time tax rebate to individual and married Virginia residents who filed their 2022 income tax returns and have a tax liability.

In a published article in NBC News, qualified single or individual taxpayers in the state will receive an amount of $200, while couples jointly filing together will receive an amount of $400. Residents have already started receiving their rebate checks.

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Rebate Checks Seen as Political in Nature

According to an article published in Yahoo News, despite the good news brought by the rebate checks to the residents in the state, some viewed it as political in nature. Some residents said that the distribution of checks gave credit to Youngkin. It has a statement telling people that they are “Receiving this rebate because Governor Glenn Youngkin recently signed a bill passed by the 2023 Virginia General Assembly.”

Moreover, Virginia House Democratic Leader Don Scott also said, “Am I supposed to be surprised that these checks are coming out the week before the election. Virginians won’t be fooled by this, just like they were not fooled when Donald Trump sent out checks before his losing election.”

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