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Arizona’s Hidden Danger: Most Dangerous State in the US with 1 in 204 Chance of Violent Crime

Crime Rates Soar Despite Natural Beauty

Urban Challenges Amidst Vast Landscapes

Arizona‘s breathtaking scenery and lively cities will be eclipsed in 2024 by the state’s startlingly high crime rates. Arizona is the ninth most dangerous state in the union because of its higher than average violent crime rate even with its beautiful terrain and attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. According to Southwest Journal, the state that home to 7.4 million Americans dispersed among vast rural areas, charming towns, and a thriving metropolis is never without difficulties. Both tourists and locals must be aware of the serious risk they face: there is a 1 in 204 risk of becoming a victim of violent crime and a 1 in 41 risk of property crime. The varied topography of the state of Arizona continues to raise concerns for public safety.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Arizona


In Kingman, efforts to reduce crime have been ongoing yet the city’s crime rate remains strikingly high making it part of the most dangerous places in Arizona. With 3,923 crimes per 100,000 residents which is 67% above the national average residents face a significant risk of becoming victims. Despite community initiatives the challenge of crime persists.

Show Low

Show Low, once a frontier gambling town continues to grapple with being one of the most dangerous places. It registers 2,715 property crimes and 650 violent crimes per 100,000 Americans notably higher than the national average. Despite its cultural ties including being the hometown of actor George Takei, Show Low ranks as the third most dangerous city in Arizona reflecting its troubled past.


Tucson, a city well-known for its thriving downtown and arts scene faces a 69% higher crime rate than the national average. Even with the encouraging signals car theft and burglary are still major problems. Christopher Clements was found guilty of a startling double murder a crime that shocked the city and had a long-lasting effect on its residents.


In Tempe, a city celebrated for its coffee culture and nightlife, crime rates have soared standing 73% higher than the national average. Despite its smaller population incidents of violence and property crime are alarmingly frequent. Gang activity continues to pose a serious concern impacting the safety and security of residents and visitors alike.


Phoenix, Arizona’s bustling capital contends with a crime rate of approximately 3,800 incidents per 100,000 residents which exceeds the national average by 61%. Although the city offers a rich cultural experience including museums and parks persistent issues with gang violence persist. Notably, Phoenix was also marked by the crimes of Mark Goudeau a notorious serial offender whose actions left a profound mark on the city’s history.


Holbrook nestled near the Petrified National Forest attracts tourists with its charm but faces a troubling reality of crime. Despite its small population the town reports an alarming crime rate of 7,120 per 100,000 residents – a staggering 204% above the national average. With such statistics residents of Holbrook encounter a high probability of crime underscoring ongoing challenges in the community’s safety measures.

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