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Milwaukee’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods: Understanding the City’s Complex Crime Crisis

Milwaukee’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Crime Rates

Factors Driving Crime in Milwaukee’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

According to Southwest Journal, Milwaukee‘s various neighborhoods are contending with significant crime rates where certain areas exhibit statistics indicating a marked increase compared to other parts of the city. Despite Milwaukee’s attractiveness due to its dynamic economy and cultural offerings the city grapples with profound issues such as racial segregation and persistent poverty which contribute to these localized spikes in crime. These challenges echo broader societal issues observed in cities like Chicago underscoring Milwaukee’s ongoing efforts to address these complex urban dynamics.

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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Milwaukee

In 2020, Lake Park which is a beloved destination in Milwaukee since 1889 reported a staggering 3,674 crimes including serious offenses like murder and auto theft. This picturesque area known for its meadows, forest trails and North Point Lighthouse overlooking Lake Michigan was shadowed by 1,234 violent incidents and 2,440 property-related crimes. Despite its serene beauty the data underscores the challenges faced by the community of 5,695 residents.

Buchel Park

Buchel Park although one of Milwaukee’s smallest neighborhoods witnessed 171 reported crimes in 2020 ranging from murder and rape to car theft and burglary. With just 13 residents the area experienced 22 violent crimes and 149 property offenses highlighting a stark contrast between its size and tranquility.


Haymarket is a bustling urban hub known for its vibrant nightlife and community spirit encountered 1,140 crimes in 2020. This included a range of offenses such as murder, rape, burglary, and property theft. With 1,019 property crimes and 121 violent incidents the neighborhood’s liberal atmosphere was tempered by concerns about safety and vigilance.

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park named after its renowned horticultural conservatory faced a challenging year with 1,314 crimes reported in 2020. The neighborhood characterized by dense suburban living and a popular park saw 208 violent crimes and 977 property-related incidents among its 127 residents. The data serves as a reminder that even in seemingly idyllic settings crime can be a significant issue.

Elm Grove

Elm Grove known for its residential charm and safety perception reported 3,585 crimes in 2020, affecting its population of just over 6,000. The majority of incidents were property-related totaling 3,248 while 337 were violent crimes. Despite its reputation as a peaceful area Elm Grove’s crime statistics underscore the hidden challenges within its community.

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph a historic neighborhood on Milwaukee’s edge saw a staggering 7,874 crimes in 2020 despite its population of just over 6,000. The area experienced a high number of violent crimes totaling 4,023, along with 3,851 property offenses. This data paints a troubling picture of safety in a community known for its suburban allure.


Brookfield with its diverse landscape and varying safety perceptions recorded 13,292 crimes in 2020. This included a range of offenses from murder and assault to burglary and auto theft. The city, home to over 40,000 residents, faced 8,335 property crimes and 4,957 violent incidents highlighting significant disparities in crime rates across different parts of the city.

Washington Park

Washington Park celebrated for its residential charm and local businesses confronted 8,303 reported crimes in 2020. This included severe offenses such as murder, rape, and theft. The neighborhood’s diversity and cultural offerings were overshadowed by 4,412 violent incidents and 3,891 property-related crimes, impacting its community of just over 4,000 residents.

Sherman Park

Sherman Park centered around its expansive park and offering an urban-suburban mix reported 8,433 crimes in 2020. With a high crime rate 90% above Milwaukee’s average the neighborhood experienced 4,120 violent crimes and 4,313 property offenses. Factors like limited job opportunities and the presence of liquor stores contributed to the area’s complex crime dynamics.

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